When you start up a new business activity, we will make sure that all the formalities are in order for you.
Our administration department will be pleased to guide you through what is needed for all the administrative bodies.
You can have absolute blind faith in them for meeting the following legal obligations:

  • registering you and/or your company with a social security office and fund
  • registering your and/or your company with the KBO (central business registration database) and with the VAT administration system when your business activity starts up
  • requesting various permits (such as for foodstuffs inspections, official recognition as a contractor, etc.)
  • publication in the Belgian State Gazette (such as for amendments to the directors and/or the company’s registered office)
  • reporting amendments to the bodies listed above

This will let you focus on what you’re good at: running your business.


You will keep the same accountant and accounting staff, whose experience will grow along with your company and its figures. We are familiar with your personal requirements and know what you want.
We are familiar with your personal requirements and know what you want.
Their tasks are diverse, meshing in finely with your day-to-day requirements.
We can handle the following recurring tasks for you, for instance:

  • handling the complete bookkeeping
  • submitting VAT and intra-community tax declarations
  • submitting interim status declarations and helping you with advance payments
  • supervising the year-end process
  • drawing up the financial statements and the fiscal notes
  • assistance for all kinds of fiscal checks

The financial statements are discussed with you under the umbrella of our confidential relationship, the foundation for our cooperation and the further growth of your company.
We are of course available to do more specific tasks for you too, such as:

  • Waardebepalingen van ondernemingen;
  • company valuations
  • drawing up budgets and financial planning for your business
  • assistance in drawing up credit dossiers for the bank
  • guidance for takeovers and succession within the family

Fiscal affairs

“Pay to the emperor what belongs to the emperor ! “ is an age-old saying starts...
“but not a penny more! ” is how we like to complete it.

Our tax consultants have the knowledge and the special skills to get the most out of your efforts for both you and your company.
They will therefore assist you and your company in all fiscal matters (such as VAT and taxation for private individuals, companies and legal entities). Aligning and optimizing these aspects for you is a challenge that they will be delighted to tackle. If necessary, they will make the case for you with the various fiscal authorities.
They will also keep following things up if your business operations cross national borders. You can for example count on their assistance when setting up company operations abroad, as well as the associated application of tax treaties and international fiscal matters.
In summary, you can contact our tax consultants for the following services:

  • general assistance in fiscal matters
  • representation to fiscal bodies (for instance for making agreements, submitting and handling objections and so forth)
  • tax planning and fiscal optimization, both for you and for your business
  • asset planning
  • fiscal guidance for takeovers and succession within the family
  • applications of tax treaties and international fiscal matters
You and your business remain the focal point when we carry out these tasks and we will always pay whatever attention is needed to your personal requirements and vision for the future.


'If only I’d read the small print!' That usually means bad news is coming.

Our legal team wants to spare you that by being ready to help you directly with all your legal questions.
They therefore have an in-depth background in company law, civil law, succession law and registration law. This expertise therefore lets them give precise answers to all your questions about your personal situation, as well as guaranteeing that your company will function properly - in practice as well as in theory.
Their solid notarial training means that they will not just provide the correct legal information, but also ensure that all your legal requirements are correctly translated into contracts and notarial deeds. And that does mean taking a good look at the small print...
You can also speak to them about the everyday aspects of how your company works. They will provide front-office support for you for any legal matters and will refer you to more specialized colleagues where necessary.
In concrete terms, you can go to them for all your questions about:

  • family law (marriage contracts, gifts, partnerships, etc.)
  • inheritance law (estate planning/succession, wills, etc.) company law (everything from creation to dissolution) tenancy legislation All types of contracts, such as: sales of shares, lease contracts, transfer of trading assets, pension obligations
  • guidance during mergers, takeovers, divestments, etc.
  • guidance for family law arrangements

Because they know your dossier thoroughly, they are able to add the right nuances.
Their solutions will always be a tailored product in which your personal wishes are matched up against what is legally feasible.


Our vision is expressed in the way *JAREFIN* works, every day.

To optimize our services for you, your dossier will be assigned to a dossier administrator and a member of the accountancy staff.
This approach means that we can guarantee continuity and you will always have a point of contact at *JAREFIN* to speak to who knows your dossier.

Fiscal and legal support

If necessary, our staff can discuss things further internally with the fiscal and/or legal departments at *JAREFIN* so that your query will always be addressed from all the different perspectives.
This is because we are convinced that the two complementary domains offer added value for you - this is one of our trump cards.


This working method lets us offer you maximum efficiency and legal certainty.

This fixed structure means that our administrative department knows who is able to help you and/or how the person in question can be contacted.


Finally, all our staff receive ongoing training, both internally and externally, and are immediately notified of any changes to the legislation.


Our fiscal and legal departments also have an extensive library and a wide range of databases at their disposal.