To optimize our services for you, your dossier will be assigned to a dossier administrator and a member of the accountancy staff.

This approach means that we can guarantee continuity and you will always have a point of contact at *JAREFIN* to speak to who knows your dossier.

Our vision

  • Professional, punctual and personal - that’s our motto

    The entire Jarefin team sees these three Ps as being of paramount importance.
    Our staff are therefore ready and waiting every day to help any SME, self-employed person or private individual in whatever way they need, with high-quality advice and action, from the very start right through to the end.

  • Professional

    There are experienced specialists waiting to help you for every facet of the services we provide.
    Our accountancy services are supported in-house by tax consultants and legal experts, so we can offer a full package of services.

  • Punctual

    Any balancing act needs a safety net - and that applies to balancing the books as much as it does to tightrope walking!
    Precisely managing and following up your dossier is the best way of guaranteeing there will be no unpleasant surprises.

  • Personal

    Everything is centred here on business people such as you. Your questions need a personalized, tailored response. That means that listening is every bit as important as talking. We’ll only be satisfied when you are.

Legal advice

Hand in hand with fiscality

If necessary, our staff can discuss things further internally with the fiscal and/or legal departments at *JAREFIN* so that your query will always be addressed from all the different perspectives.
DThis is because we are convinced that the two complementary domains offer added value for you - this is one of our trump cards. This working method lets us offer you maximum efficiency and legal certainty.
You can also contact our fiscal and legal departments directly, of course, for any question specifically concerning their field.
This fixed structure means that our administrative department knows who is able to help you and/or how the person in question can be contacted.
Finally, all our staff receive ongoing training, both internally and externally, and are immediately notified of any changes to the legislation.
Our fiscal and legal departments also have an extensive library and a wide range of databases at their disposal.

The team

Lieven Herman

Accountant I.A.B., Tax Consultant, Partner

Frédéric Martin

Accountant I.A.B., Tax Consultant, Partner

Remi Vandenhove

Accountant I.A.B., Tax Consultant, Partner

Fillip Kino

Tax Consultant, Partner

Job opening

Accountants / Administrators

  • We are looking for enthusiastic (trainee) accountants and dossier administrators

Legal assistant

  • We are looking for enthusiastic Legal assistant


JAREFIN was founded as long ago as the summer of 1999.

The underlying reason was that the partners wanted to be able to get closer to their customers. This desire led to the idea of them setting up their own accountancy firm. This adventurous idea was turned into reality by two of the partners in the proverbial ‘attic room’. Starting from scratch like this was an educational experience, but it was not enough to dampen their enthusiasm.

In October 2000, the ‘attic rooms’ were swapped for a spot in ‘het Zuid’, on W. Wilsonplein in Ghent. The available floor space was quadrupled at a stroke, and we thought that would do us for years to come. The first recruits didn’t take long to arrive. The office started to take shape, but it soon became too small once again...

So at the end of 2002, we found ourselves looking for the next new place. We found what we wanted on Poolse Winglaan in Sint-Denijs-Westrem. We relocated to house number 90 in 2010. This not only doubled the available working space yet again, but it also gave us a pleasant homely atmosphere and there was plenty of parking space.

JAREFIN kept growing and the next wave of recruits arrived...

Today we are able to look back on the last few years with a justifiable measure of pride.

The basic concept proved to be the right one, a powerful engine driving JAREFIN forward. Our team now consists of more than ten staff, four of whom are the partners. They will be glad to help you get the most out of their enthusiasm and experience. Our mission remains to provide personalized service for our customers, the key to further growth for JAREFIN in the years to come.